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Owners John Blevins and Mike Almeida have pretty much seen it all in the combined total of 42 years experience in the HVAC business. Longtime friends, they have evolved from service technicians, installation specialist, salesmen, sales managers and service managers before deciding to open their own business. Blevins says: “The lack of pride in workmanship and the work ethic that we were seeing in the industry just reinforced our determination to raise the standards to a new level. We knew we could do better for our customers.” So Honest Heating and Air was born.

Honest Heating and Air is a close knit company with both Blevins and Almeida involved in almost every aspect of daily operations from air conditioning sales to inspecting every a/c unit after completion. “Follow up after the sale to make sure our customers understand the operation of their new system and received exactly what they expected is paramount to our success. As a smaller company, either John or I are able to interact with each and every customer, says Almeida. This assures that we maintain our high customer satisfaction level and referral rates

Their staff and employees spend a lot of time in training with manufactures to assure they maintain their high level of technical proficiency. This allows them to service every unit without delays. “Most dealers consider training a waste of “billable hours”. We believe it is time well spent.” says Almeida. Their approach to a new customer is not singularly focused on selling a new system as with other contractors.. “The customer called because they saw one of our ads or simply because they are uncomfortable.” says Blevins. We are the “problem solvers” It is our responsibility to provide the customers with options. Some times the solution is to repair their system. Sometimes it is more prudent to offer a new high efficiency a/c system instead. The Honest in our name is important to us. We treat people the same way we want to be treated. With most reputable manufacture’s offering rebates on higher efficiency systems. Upgrading to a new system can sometimes be a no-brain-er. As they expand their customer base and move into new markets, Blevins’ and Almeida’s focus is still to offer the best service and solutions to each and every current or potential customer.”

All we have is our reputation and ours will always be outstanding.” Says Almeida. Remember; “QUALITY ISN’T EXPENSIVE, IT’S PRICELESS!”

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